The PayEd Learning Model


The PayEd learning model refers to the differing levels of the training delivery.

Training begins with the Fundamentals level, which is the #101 level.  This provides an overview and is aimed at those who are new to the industry e.g. Grads or those who have had limited broad payments work experience.

The next level is the In-Focus level or the expert level. These are specialised shorter courses that cover more specific content with the specific relevance of payments.  For example Cybersecurity in Payments – Cybersecurity that is relevant to the payments industry.

The ultimate level is the Executive or Strategic level.  At this level the courses are often run only for specific organisations and deal with strategic elements in relation to payments.  For example “Payments Landscape”, or “Design Thinking in Payments”.  We provide the education that helps the executives to make better planning decisions.