SWIFT in Payments [Expert]

Course schedule and overview

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SWIFT in Payments Expert builds on the Intro course and allows the participants to gain more insight into mapping, and integration to have optimal STP (Straight Through Processing).

SWIFT in Payments is run as an entry-level and expert-level course for all students interested in their knowledge about SWIFT in Payments. The course is delivered via live Zoom over a half day to allow students to explore fundamental aspects of SWIFT Payments. Each attendee of the course is asked to complete a pre-course survey to assess training goals.

 The course is based on a collaborative approach to training, blended with a touch of University lecture interaction.  There is a cross-section of users in payments in the room, and from the outset of the course each attendee is able to be involved in the training, sharing their experience, and learning from each other. 

The training style applies the following techniques :

  • Definitions in Payments
  • Look at real live case studies
  • Listen and discuss to video excerpts from industry experts about their definition of payment topics
  • Complete live anonymous tests
  • Discuss each topic as a group

Who should attend this course

Students and professionals who are or will be users or on a SWIFT project.
Industry professionals who are considering options to grow into new roles in Payments.
Business leaders who want to refresh their Payment Knowledge

Learning Objectives

Attendees of all PayEd courses should expect to grow in the knowledge of Payments from each PayEd course.

The SWIFT in Payments course specifically provides knowledge about :

  • Background and structure of SWIFT
  • Membership, BICs and User Groups
  • Network v Message Standards
  • ISO 20022 Migration
  • Domestic v Cross-border
  • SWIFT Enterprise Alliance, Bureau v Lite
  • SWIFT Initiatives Go, and GPI
  • SWIFT Payment messages
  • SWIFT Upgrades
  • SWIFT Integration and Message Transformation/Mapping [Expert Course Only]

An objective of this course is for students to improve  their independent thinking in Payments, and where to source information and news.  To have increased confidence in Payments communications, within the industry, at event and regulator briefings/submissions.