Cyber Security in Payments

Course Schedule and Overview

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An introduction to Payments cyber security for business leaders, executives, directors and managers.

Part 1. Key aspects of cyber security – Perspectives for the board and C-Level executives

This section covers:

  • Risk exposure, resilience, maturity, culture, technology, compliance, and strategy
  • Major threats (threat vectors and malicious actors) to Payments
  • Evaluating the organization’s cyber security risk profile – a high-level overview
  • The cyber security strategic roadmap (1 - 3 year outlook)
  • Dealing with disruption and impact of a pandemic on cyber security
  • Relationships between resilience/maturity and cyber security expenditure
  • Executive reporting – what executives should see
  • Case study: A case of cyber security failure – Impact and liability (financial services advisory - wealth management firm)
  • Quiz

Part 2. Governance, director’s liabilities, and regulatory compliance

This section covers:

  • Standards and controls – ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002, ASD1 Essential 8/35 Controls
  • The regulators – in Asia and Australia (ASIC, APRA and financial services specific)
  • Cyber security and the law – legal liability, notifiable breach legislation
  • The role of audit and risk.
  • Case study: Online payments data breach
  • Quiz

Part 3. Digital Payments security (Cloud, Mobile Apps, Online/Websites, Digital ID)

This section covers:

  • The Internet – a crash course in cyber security online
  • Incident management response – resilience
  • Websites, apps, and online security – customer safety (digital & customer Experience)
  • Identity management (IAM2)
  • Cloud security
  • Case study: An immature Incident response capability – failure can have fatal consequences
  • Quiz


Learning Objectives

Attendees of all PayEd courses should expect to grow in their knowledge of cyber security as it relates to Payments.

Who should attend this course

  • Students and professionals who want to consider future roles in Payments
  • Industry professionals who are considering options to grow into new roles in Payments
  • Business leaders who want to refresh their Payment knowledge specific to security